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thai massasje eskorte eskorte trondheim

changes". If Alice made only small changes, and Bob made large changes, she may choose to work from Bob's version, and re-merge her changes. We encourage contributors to double-check their merges by using the diff feature. This page discusses edit conflicts, and how to deal with them. The box with your changes is labeled "Your text". Then Alice can view the page history, determine Bob's changes, and re-apply them to her version, in a separate edit. This produces an edit conflict with oneself. and then, when they're done, pasting the whole thing back onto Wikipedia as a single (new) edit.

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In some sense, this can cause hidden edit conflicts : you may overwrite someone else's changes without realising that you are doing. At the bottom of the edit-conflict page is a second editing box containing the text Alice was going to submit. If Alice repeats her error, then the best approach is for Bob to have a friendly word on her talk page, point her to this page, and ask her if she could take a little more care in the future. He may also add something to the edit summary to indicate that he had to do this  for example: "Reinstating link which Alice accidentally removed". The software tries to automatically reconcile the differences, but fails. If Alice made large changes, and Bob made small changes, Alice may choose to work from her version. Danish gay scenes than, pornhub! It is absolutely not acceptable for Alice to overwrite Bob out of laziness.

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Simply put inuse on an article before proceeding with a major edit, and remove the template when the editing is complete. However, Alice must not routinely ignore edit conflicts. Between the two editing boxes is a diff that shows the difference between Bob's and Alice's version of the article. Preferably, one can simply try to avoid reversion wars. At certain times when pressing Publish changes and the system is slow, one may be able to make multiple edits to the same page before the system responds. Escort stavanger fitte Blair 6 Comments, erotikk oslo escorte lillestrøm Sex haugesund match dating. The best approach for Bob in this circumstance is to edit Alice's version, reinstate his minor improvements, and leave Alice's major improvements intact. Alice clicks "Edit source" on the same page, while Bob is editing. On a large page with many changes, you may have to scroll down a very long way to find the box that contains your changes. For the section Alice is editing it shows Alice's changes and Bob's possible changes, except for sections where Alice and Bob have both made the same change. When practical, edit one Section at a time. (This seems to be a bug.) The best solution in this case is to save your new text outside of Wikipedia (e.g., to the clipboard cancel out, then try again. Contents, layout of the edit-conflict page, note: The following explanation may not be consistent with the editing interface that you see, depending on your account's preferences and gadgets, which web browser you use, and whether you use Wikipedia's traditional editor, visual editor, or a mobile. Gjr deg klar til frtse i ulike sex forestillinger i den mest varierte stiler. Mistakes Sometimes mistakes will be made in the merging process, because Alice is human, and this may cause some of Bob's changes to be accidentally reversed. To avoid this problem one can copy the text from the edit box of the old version into the edit box of the latest version. In this case the upper text may be the old version instead of the one involving the first edit,.e., the system notices the earlier change but has not processed it yet. It is absolutely not acceptable for Bob to reverse Alice's major improvements to the page out thai massasje eskorte eskorte trondheim of a desire to protect his minor improvements, or to punish Alice for her carelessness. Start new articles in sandboxes and move them to mainspace only when you are ready to stop editing them for an hour or so and instead watch what others do to them. The software saves Bob's edits as revision #124, and publishes #124. Eskorte, og, massasje, massasje, molde - zemneprace-js. This is particularly important if the page has subsequently been edited by other editors. Bob finishes his edits and clicks "Publish changes". Your changes have been copied into a box at the very end of the page. The software sends Bob the current revision of the page, #123. If you choose to publish your work in this type of edit conflict, it will result in the removal of your previous editing from the page. If third-party software that assists a user to edit a page in an external editor does not follow the first bullet point above (or the equivalent measure, if any, for the method it is using to access Wikipedia) and causes a logical edit conflict, then. For editing disagreements between editors, see.

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