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Duncansby Head, near John O' Groats, at the NE tip of mainland Scotland, while en route from the Tyne Dundee to New York with general cargo. Of Glasgow, Scotland, with 'G. (or 1425 or 1429 or 1449) tons Hull (later) Camden Juliette Liisa Marja-Liisa Nurminen Arkadia 1911 An 'archdeck' collier, that had a very long life indeed. 7 miles NWxW of the North Lemon Buoy, at Cromer, Essex. And in the 1889/90 edition, Harris has sold the vessel again,. Of Lerwick Shetland Islands. During a rainstorm with heavy seas running.


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On May 21, 1904 it left DB for Newcastle, was again severely damaged had to put into Port Louis, Mauritius, to effect repairs. Of Tarumi or Tsurumi, Japan. Blumer.' owned the vessel for 13 years, so my initial assumption looks to be incorrect. In 1911, the vessel was sold to 'Rederi-AB Borg' (R. 17, 1872 5 (search 'ship registers' for vessel name 6 (Brisbane 1934 newspaper article, Abbey Holme 7 (Miramar, link, you now must be registered to access). Calvert to 'Calvert Steamship Company to a company which owned, it would seem, a single Calvert ship. of Leith, Scotland, renamed Craigallan. Per 1 (Moss Steamship, history 2 1900 wreck 3 (New York Times article, Jun.

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Mortola was the vessel's captain, I read. A very short life indeed. 100,000 the cargo 20,000. 1940, the vessel was under charter to Saguenay Terminals, Ltd., of Quebec, Canada, engaged in the shipment of bauxite from Georgetown, British Guiana. The Captain 10 crew members of Antonio were lost in the explosion.

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Per 1 2 (page bottom) (both re Crete 3 ( Vivid 4 convoyweb. Will add more names here as I come across them. Later registered at Maryport ( 1880 1890 ). But I think that it is more likely to be correct that 'Lloyd Henry.' then became the owners with Sylvia the managers. Furness of West Hartlepool. . Long (96.77 metres) perpendicular to perpendicular, speed of 8 1/2 knots, signal letters hgmr, 249 HP engines. Which had a very long life indeed. Alan Johnston has reminded me that data about the yard is available at Grace's Guide here. The vessel was described as being a 'Pacific Trader' - in the China/Singapore/NZ trade. And alphabetic within a year. And another that same year ex Aracaju, also Brazil. Is it still there today, I wonder? 22 lives were lost. It is possible that the ship foundered in a storm, or maybe hit a mine or was hit by a German U-boat. 1879 4 (Miramar, link, you now must be registered to access). 16, 1874, the vessel, arriving at Greenock, River Clyde, sexpartys dortmund wie kann man sich selber einen blasen from Java, was driven violently by high winds against.M.S.

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