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ten held onto the sheets as warm breaths stroked his hard length. "Need a refill?" "Yes please. A young short male was at the counter ordering some alcohol and flirted around with the bar tenders. If you're not a Filipino, sorry to say but this book is not for you. I'm g-going to cum." Promoted stories You'll also like. He quickly shook the feeling off.


One Night Stand On The Sofa. World Full Of Heart Breaks (Luckily Complete. He looked up to see a completely naked Taeyong holding a bottle of lube in his hands. Do you wanna pretend this never happened. All Rights Reserved, you'll also like, one More Lust (One Shot).5K 1K 154. "Be patient or I'll hurt you real bad, baby." "But I like the pain taeyong set the lube aside and leaned onto Ten, pressing the smaller bare back harder against the sheets and started to paint his neck in a shade of pink red and. This story is written in a Filipino language. Jump to, press alt / to open this menu. Spreading his legs wide, Ten softly cooed out for Taeyong to quickly start the fun. They were only upholding false fronts in effort to attract one another and obtain what they wanted. I grabbed my magenta coat and put that. I Love You (Short Story) 12K 955 244, the story of two bestfriends who fell in love with each other. After a minute he backed away. He started taking off my shirt and I took his off.

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